Geometry and Mathematical Physics Group

Quantum Gravity and Quantum Fields Theory : Physical, Mathematical and Philosophical perspectives


Friday 18 - 03 - 2011

  • Daniel Bennequin [IMJ, Paris]  From Quantum Fields (and Strings) to Classical Equations

  • 11h40 - 12h20 : Carlo Rovelli [CPT, Marseille] Loop Gravity and Spin Foams

  • 12h20 - 13h : Thomas Krajewski [CPT, Marseille] Non Commutative Geometry  


    • 14h - 14h30  Eugenio Bianchi [CPT, Marseille] Black Hole entropy in Loop Gravity

    • 14h30 - 15h00 Muxin Han [CPT, Marseille] Quantum Groups and SpinFoam Gravity with a Cosmological constant

    • 15h - 15h40 Frédéric Patras [JAD, Nice] Exponential renormalization

    • 15h40 - 16h20   Frédéric Hélein [IMJ, Paris] Covariant phase space and multisymplectic formalism 

    • 16h40 - 17h10 Valentin Bonzom [PI, Canada] Canonical constraints in Covariant SpinFoam Gravity  

    • 17h10-17h50 Volodya Roubtsov [Maths Department, University of Angers] Systemes integrables: quantification versus non-commutativité

    • 17h50 - 18h30   Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz [HPS, Paris7] Philosophical Remarks on the role of Geometry in some recents physics theories 

    Saturday 19 - 03 - 2011

    • 09h - 09h30 Edward Wilson-Ewing [CPT, Marseille] : Loop Quantum Cosmology
    • 09h30 - 10h10 Marc Lachièze-Rey [APC, Paris] Lorentz and SU(2) connections in LQG
    • 10h10 - 10h30 Matteo Smerlak [CPT, Marseille] : The Thermal Time Hypothesis
    • 10h30 - 10h50 Francesca Vidotto [CPT, Marseille] SpinFoam Cosmology

    • 11h10 - 11h40 Idrisse Khemar [ENS, Lyon] Sigma Models with a Wess-Zumino term and Integrable Systems
    • 11h40 - 12h20 Thierry Masson [CPT, Marseille] Examples of notions of generalized connections  
    • 12h20 - 12h40 You Ding [CPT, Marseille] Physical Boundary Space of Lorentzian SpinFoams